#songoftheday = SAM LEVIN: “HIDE AND SEEK”

“Hide and Seek” by Sam Levin is a wonderful folk-tronic tune that mixes acoustic guitars and electronic beats with vocals that split the difference between pop and folk.  There’s a playful element to the song that reminds me of Ben Lee’s music.  I’m also reminded of Ben Folds and, to a lesser degree, Regina Spektor.  The press release recommends his music for people who like The Head and the Heart, Kings of Leon, The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons, Bon Iver, Bahamas and Jose Gonzales.  I’ve only heard “Hide and Seek” so far and I don’t hear Kings of Leon or The Head and the Heart in it, but perhaps some of his other songs are more in the rock vein.  In any case, “Hide and Seek” is as fun as a barrel of monkeys.  (Admit it — you loved those when you were a kid.)  It’s the sort of uplifting song that makes you feel young again when you listen to it.  Although, if you actually are young, it might make you feel a little old.  In a good way though.

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