#songoftheday = RUTH KOLEVA: “I DON’T KNOW WHY”

Bulgarian singer-songwriter Ruth Koleva’s “I Don’t Know Why” hails from her just-announced sophomore album, Confidence. Truth, which is scheduled for release on 3/30.  It’s an excellent example of what can happen when jazz and pop are blended into something that defies the unwritten rules of both genres.  Thank whoever you worship (if anyone) for that because Koleva has twisted the two genres together into something that’s invigorating and addictive.  “Do you want me to stay?” she sings as the opening lyric.  If she’s asking us, the answer is a resounding Y-E-S!

Featuring Ron Avant (Anderson .Paak) on keys, Jameel Bruuner (The Internet) on synths, and Gene Coye (Flying Lotus) on drums, Confidence. Truth ought to be one gem of an album if “I Don’t Know Why” is any indication.   It features the work of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra and was produced by Gueorgiu Linev (Kan Wakan).

Soundcloud info:

Confidence. Truth coming out March 30.
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