“Mixed Signals” is the third track on Robbie Williams’ latest album, The Heavy Entertainment Show.  It’s also the album’s third single, complete with a video with three very different endings.  More importantly, it’s my favorite song from The Heavy Entertainment show.  “Party Like A Russian” and “Bad Motherfucker” are pretty fucking great, too, but there’s a certain spark — a certain kind of magic — that “Mixed Signals” has, probably because the song was written and made with The Killers, who just so happen to be my favorite contemporary band.  The funny thing is that I had no idea they were working together then I received the album and put it on and when it started playing that song I was like “this reminds me of something.”  Once the chorus hit I found myself think, this sounds like The Killers.  Of course, I didn’t think there was a chance in hell that it was actually them, but I looked at the credits to see who Robbie wrote the song with and, much to my amazement, it was The Killers.  In fact, they wrote the song together then they took it one step further.  The song is actually performed by The Killers, including Brandon Flowers, who plays keyboards and backing vocals.  No wonder it’s so perfect and one of Robbie’s catchiest singles ever!  The only unfortunate thing about it is that that’s the only song they did together.  Or at least it’s the only one that made the album.  I certainly hope the single does well and they collaborate again on Robbie’s next album.  It’s not every day lightning strikes twice and your favorite male pop star works with your favorite band.

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Published on Feb 28, 2017

Stream or download Mixed Signals now: https://RobbieWilliams.lnk.to/mixedID


Mixed Signals is the third single from Robbie’s #1 album The Heavy Entertainment Show, available to buy or stream now:

The video comes with two alternative versions:

Watch the first alternative version starring Ayda:

Watch the second alternative version starring Gary Barlow:






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