I’m still undecided about Rihanna’s new album…  What’s it supposed to be ANTI- anyway?  ANTI- her old music?  Well, that may be the case, but many of the songs on the album, including “Work,” still took seven writers and three producers to come up with.  Considering how stripped down and minimalist the songs are, it’s pretty disturbing that it took that many cooks in the kitchen to come up with the tepid dishes.  But it wasn’t a complete waste because this remix of “Work” by the LA duo Phantoms is to die for.  They kick up the tempo a notch or two and give it some serious funk and spunk.  The result sounds like something that would have been demoed for Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall album.  It’s immediately fetching and has a familiar quality about it that will have you waxing nostalgic as it makes you move your rump.

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