#songoftheday / REVIEW: WILL YOUNG: “JOY”

“Come on hold hands, let’s stick together / Take a big leap and jump right over,” sings Will Young sings on his glorious new single “Joy.”  It’s a happy-go-lucky song that reminds me of Mika, a real sunshine and rainbows anthem, sure to brighten your day.  Although maybe not so much if you watch this video.  You see, the video is bizarre.  It pictures a 1950’s house where the family are mannequins, which makes perfect sense because it’s one of those houses they made just to blow up while testing nukes.  Fortunately for these mannequins, when Will touches their hands, they gradually become human.  (To that end, to me, it actually seems creepier when they come to life than when they’re just mannequins.)  It’s Twilight Zone-esque, as it’s surely intended to be.  And when the bomb goes off, well, you’ll just have to watch it and see.  Suffice to say, you may just want to click play and go do something else while you listen to this one.

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Published on Aug 31, 2015

The new album ‘85% Proof’ is out now at http://po.st/PZPmao | iTunes: http://po.st/85proofDelYTd | Amazon: http://po.st/85proofDelAYTd

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