#songoftheday / REVIEW: Wanz: “To: Nate Dogg” (Feat. Warren G., Grynch, and Crytical)

If you’ve heard Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ Grammy Award-winning song “Thrift Shop” then you’ve heard Wanz, otherwise known as Michael Wansley, who happens to be the guy who sings on “Thrift Shop.”  It turns out Ryan Lewis brought Wanz aboard for the insanely catchy tune because he wanted a singer who sounded like Nate Dogg, the later rapper from Long Beach, who’s best known for collaborating with Warren G on “Regulate.”  Now Wanz has collaborated with Warren G. — along with Grynch and Crytical — on a tribute to Nate Dogg entitled, appropriately entitled “To: Nate Dogg.”  ‘Tis a slick and mellow tune that seeps inside of your soul and forces you to chill out.  The song advises one to smoke a little and drink a little and you’ll want to do one or both while listening to it.  It’s mandatory-listening for your summertime 2014 playlist, especially for the end of party when everyone’s too tired and buzzed to dance and they just want to come down.

“Thrift Shop” changed my life, no question. I’ve been able to experience dreams I’ve had since childhood. Living that dream turned into me being compared to one of the greatest hook singers of all time, Nate DeeODblGee! “To: Nate Dogg” is my way of paying respect to him for giving me a lane in Hip-Hop. Working with Warren G has been an honor! I’m excited that Warren-Nate’s best friend-drops the first verse! Grynch and Crytical fill out “To: Nate Dogg” and they complete what I hope to be a BANGIN anthem for BBQ’s, parties and all things summertime!! Let’s party in the spirit of the Dog, Nate Dogg!” – Wanz

“The song is a feel good song and to have a cat like Wanz who sang on Thrift Shop, who won a Grammy acknowledge a great singer and legend like Nate Dogg is priceless so I jumped on the project out of love for the Dogg.” – Warren G

We can’t embed the song here, as it’s a Red Bull exclusive, so head on over to Red Bull’s site and give it a listen:











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