If you like a healthy dose of rock in your pop and a dash of the psychedelic for good measure, well, look no further. The Art of Amputation’s glorious new single, “Distorted Pop Song,” is all that and a damn strong, complex cup of coffee. A massive anthem if ever there was one, monstrous drums pound along just beneath sonorous, crunchy guitars, thick bass and sweet, melodious vocals and more. Much like Garbage, they use loops and other programmed embellishments to add whipped cream to their cherry pie of a song.

“Distorted Pop Song” is one half of a double A-side that has it paired with the incredible “Californian English,” a synth-driven number which starts off considerably more low key with chilled synth, funky bass guitar and subtle beats but grows and grows into something larger than life — and much heavier — as it progresses into a tube of wonderful that would make the Manic Street Preachers sit back and take pause. .

Both songs were written by the full band, which hails from London, each member contributing to the writing process. And who are these cats? Freddy de Lord (Keyboards, Vocals and Saxophone), Hugh Fox (Drums, Drum-Loops/Programming and Percussion), Allan Harrod (Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards), Mark Hyden (Guitars and Vocals) and Tim Harrod (Vocals and Percussion). The tracks were produced by Steve Honest in Hackney Road Studios.


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