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“Absolute Zero” is the second single from SURIS’ soon to be released debut album LEAP.  And what a glorious single it is.  Duo Lindsey and Dave Mackie — a real life couple — have truly created something special with LEAP, which we’ll be reviewing shortly.  In the meantime, we just had to turn you onto “Absolute Zero,” which is one of the most stunning and breath-taking songs we’ve stumbled upon in months.  Lindsey’s voice has a very unique sound yet sounds instantly familiar.  And she’s capable of making you feel multiple emotions all within the course of a single song, her voice sometimes seductive, sometimes standoffish and alternating between sounding grounded and ethereal.  That’s quite a gift.  Clearly, she was destined to make music and when we listen to “Absolute Zero” we almost believe in fate, thinking about how so many things had to happen to lead her to the point of crafting this song… It’s kind of mind-blowing.  In any case, give it a listen and make sure to watch the video, too.  It’s one of the most original videos we’ve seen in years and it’s spell-binding at that.


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Published on Jul 15, 2015

Filmed in Desierto Del Tabernas, Spain, this video has been lovingly scripted and crafted by our Producer friends Randfaben of Berlin, Germany. So a truly international effort! Absolute Zero is the second single from our album ‘Leap’ which is released on 24th July and available as a CD or Download through all the usual channels including Amazon and iTunes. Catalogue No. Interion401. Do buy the CD if you can – its worth it for the cover alone, created by artist Toni Storey.

And here’s “Riverman,” the first single from the album…




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  1. Lindsey and Dave Mackie Avatar

    Hey Michael,

    Such an encouragement to read your lovely review – thank you! Let us know if you need a review album CD. Lindsey & Dave.

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