“What do you know, I’m just a bad believer,” sings St. Vincent during “Bad Believer,” her brand new song for the deluxe edition of her self-titled album.  It’s a song that finds her singing about going to church and fainting as the pastor touches her hand.  You’d think she’d believe after that happens but she does not, making light of her mother holding her up during the rapture, among other things.  “Show me your stones, I’m just a bad believer,” she sings and it’ll have you smiling.  St. Vincent has always had a very sarcastic sort of sense of humor and it’s never shined through her songs as brightly as it does here, perhaps because the song is so damn upbeat and catchy.  It hooks you immediately with a dash of a hyper electronic loop, and it just gets more irresistible as it progresses, the chorus getting stuck in your head like a great joke from the very first time you listen to it.  It’s also inclined to make you want to get up and dance with its fast tempo and punchy beats.  St. Vincent has a large catalog of brilliant songs and this just might be her best to date.  One thing is for certain: you will not regret listening to it.





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