#songoftheday / REVIEW: RAINBOW TIGER: “Gill Sans”


For some odd reason we could not get the Soundcloud player to appear here for this one.  Normally, just posting a URL will make the Soundcloud player appear embedded  on our site, but today Soundcloud is apparently having hiccups or something.  In any case, we certainly suggest that you click on the above link and go check out today’s killer #Songoftheday nevertheless.  Anyway, getting to it…

Rainbow Tiger is a London-based alternative/indie band of British, Norwegian, Italian, Irish and Romanian origin, which probably explains why they have such a rich, unique sound.   But when I listen to their new single, “Gill Sans,” I immediately think “London,” which happens for me before their singer even opens his mouth.  (There’s just something about that groove, those guitar chords.)  That said, once he does start singing, the song definitely takes on a strong Euro vibe, which suits them perfectly, the track being one of the catchiest, Blur-like tunes to come around in a while.  One thing that clearly sets them apart from their contemporaries is their textured mathematical arrangements.  To that end, you could almost consider them a laid back version of Battles.  But they’re truly a band who have their own signature sound, so it really doesn’t matter who we compare them to.  Just head on over to Soundcloud and listen for yourselves.
The band will be releasing  their debut EP ‘FONT’ via their newly established label ‘Sound Records’ on November 28th and we are very much looking forward to it.



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