I am very excited to tell you about French singer/songwriter Petite Meller’s fabulous new single (and video), “Baby Love.”  Although she’s yet to release a full-length album, to me it feels like Meller has already released a few because each single she releases is like a special event.  Her songs are always extremely addictive and her videos are consistently filled with depth you simply don’t get from most music videos, each one like a fine independent film.  In the case of “Baby Love,” Meller has churned out a lush dance track featuring everything from the sound of human teeth and fancy African percussion to hard EDM-style beats along with some of the best sax playing we’ve ever heard in a pop song.  Add to that her sweet, unique vocals, which make you feel the way you do when you see a beautiful butterfly flap its wings, and you have something amazing.   And the video is adorable.  It was filmed on location in Africa and features dozens of African children dancing along with Meller, giraffes and lots of surrealism.  In fact, the video was inspired by scenes from Brigitte Bardot’s 1956 film “And God Created Woman.”

Published on Jan 19, 2015

This goes out to all ma’ sis who danced with me the pain away!

#PowerToTheGirlsof #Africa
#Ninakupenda #Africa #2015

“Pour Les Filles De L’Afrique…”


Direction // A.T.Mann & Napoleon Habeica

Commissioner // Tamara Brooks
Prod // Black Kight Films
Producer // Jonny Kight
Production Manager // James Dawson
1st AD // Will Jasper
D.O.P// Kate Arizmendi
1st AC // Geoffrey Taylor
DIT // Kire Godal

Kenyan Fixer & Locations Manager // Simon Ball
Driver // Craig Griffiths
Driver // Ryan Outram

Style // Nao Koyabu

Couture // Marta Cesaro, Jacqmues, Spring Court, Bella Gonshorovitz,
Nihilo, Michael Polkanov
Hand Cast // Matt Star
Glam // Adam Livermore
Choreography // Hagar Ofir

Edit // Ornit Levy
Post // Tal Baltuch
Cast // Hadija Suleiman, Wayo Wayo Group , Ocylegy School

And if you haven’t read our interview with Meller, check it out here: https://loveispop.com/interviews/exclusive-interview-petite-meller/

Also, here is one of Meller’s other videos…


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