#songoftheday / REVIEW: Muse – “Reapers” [Official Lyric Video]

Another smash from Muse’s forthcoming album Drones.  I think I’ve finally reached the point where I feel like Muse are even better than Radiohead.  Muse is constantly re-inventing itself, each album having a whole unique feel and themes.  And yet the songs are accessible.  They’re infectious.  You don’t have to listen to them 1000 times to appreciate how brilliant they are.  Meanwhile, Radiohead just keeps getting weirder and weirder.  I wish they’d just come out with a new album in the vein of their first two albums.  I mean, I love electronica but Radiohead’s electronica is actually what I’d call bad electronica now.  But, hey, this isn’t about Radiohead, so I digress.  I’m just trying to say that I know Radiohead is thought to be the most genius band on the planet and that maybe we should give that status to Muse now.  I’d say they’ve long since earned it.

And, damn it, I just want Drones to be released already.  They’re just spoiling it for us with all of these singles.  We’ll know half of the album by heart when it comes out because we will have been living with the songs for weeks, and even months in some cases.  Plus, often the tracks they release as singles first are the best, so they get us all excited about an album and then when you get it you discover that you already had half of it and that the remaining songs aren’t that good.  Then again, in Muse’s case, it’s not like there are many throwaway tracks.  I just want the whole album already!  And I’m sleep-deprived and high on caffeine right now so forgive me for ranting so much.

Youtube info:

Published on May 29, 2015

Watch lyric video for the new song “Reapers” now!

Director – Tom Kirk
Produced by – Banoffee Sky
Editor and VFX – Rowan Glenn
Drones Filming – Drones Plus
Band Performance filmed by Liam Iandoli and Daniel Salter
Actor – Micky Shiloah
Actor – Alexandria Basso

Pre-order the new album DRONES now on CD, CD+DVD, 12″ double gatefold 180g vinyl, digital download or the exclusive muse.mu deluxe package with CD/DVD/tri-fold vinyl: http://drones.muse.mu/







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