#songoftheday / REVIEW: MIKA: “BOUM BOUM BOUM”

We love it when Mika sings in French.  His songs are always bursting with joy and love and no language is better suited for expressing these things than French, which our editor has studied for years (and still isn’t halfway fluent in).  And he can tell you that this song is about sex.  “You and I, we go, boom, boom, boom,” goes the chorus.  It’s the kind of silliness we’ve come to expect from Alizee but it isn’t shocking that Mika would do a song like this.  After all, he’s clearly a modern hippie, what with all of those colorful covers and love songs and such.  This probably isn’t the first song he’s done about sex anyway.  But if he has done some, we doubt they’re as direct as this one.  And we love that about it.  If Lily Allen was a dude and did a French song about sex, it would be this.




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