#songoftheday / REVIEW: METALS: “I C THRU YOU”

You may recall our previous coverage of Metals, who we’ve been into ever since we first heard their single “That Ain’t Real Love” roughly a year ago.  Blending R&B, electro-pop, soul, dub, house and more, the experimental duo — consisting of Chris “Digital Primate” Coe and Ehsan Gelsi — has yet to deliver a disappointing song.  On their latest single, “I C Thru You,” they’ve once again worked with singer/songwriter Candice Monique, whose soulful vocals were a major factor in our falling in love with them.  “You say that I can’t say shit / And what the fuck can I do about it,” Monique sings during the thunderous electro-pop tune, which joins huge, punchy beats with dirty, synthesized bass and lots of little loops for a layered and nuanced song that sucks you right in from your very first listen.  If you’re throwing a party this weekend, throw this gem on your playlist and be prepared for when your friends keep asking you who that killer track is.

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