#songoftheday / REVIEW: MARIE DIGBY: “KOREWA”

“We are more than what you see here,” Marie Digby proclaims about two thirds into her inspired and inspiring new single, “Korewa,” the title being Japanese for “this is.”  It’s a song with big beats that seems to be about taking charge of your own destiny and revealing yourself to the world at just the right moment.  “You have to stand up on your feet when you’re knocked to the ground,” she sings.  One of the reasons to love this song is that Marie clearly has her heart fully invested in the words she’s singing.  This isn’t an artist just going through the motions.  She wrote this song and it speaks from her soul.  A soul that’s undeniably beautiful and strong.  The world needs more singer/songwriters like her.   If you like Priscilla Ahn or Meiko you’ll fall head over heels in love with this.  Just like we did.

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Published on Apr 30, 2014

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In case you were wondering, ‘korewa’ means ‘this is’ in Japanese =)
This song is an original song off of my album ‘Winter Fields’! Hope you enjoy it. Josh and I shot this all in beautiful Malibu CA.

Video directed and filmed by: Josh Madson @InstaJoshMadson http://instagram.com/instajoshmadson

Edited by: Michael Johnson – http://www.thewoodwork.tv

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