I was never quite sure what to make of the lyrics to this gem of a pop song, which was a huge hit for its authors, Ace of Base.  You see, you could look at it as meaning that she wants a guy to have a fling with when she sings “all that she wants is another baby,” “baby” meaning guy.  But, you could also look at it as her meaning “baby” literally, meaning she wants to get pregnant by some seemingly random guy so she can have another kid… Either way, it was one hell of a catchy pop song twenty something years ago and it’s just as smashing today as covered by Little Boots, who can do no wrong in my book…  This version finds the song with a slightly slower tempo and much more organic feel, which is ironic because Little Boots and her keyboardist perform the music on synthesizers, keyboards and a drum machine…  Perhaps it’s because they’re mostly performing the keyboards and synth live, as opposed to just running a previously programmed track.  Or maybe it’s because she has two live backing vocalists.  In any case, there’s no doubt that Little Boots has more than done the song justice, making it very much worthy of our #songoftheday distinction…

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Published on Oct 1, 2015

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