#songoftheday / REVIEW: Lauren Crown – “Give Me Love”


Now for something completely different…  Jazz!  Which is actually something most of us listen to with some frequency but we’ve yet to get any music from jazz labels thus far, hence us not reviewing it.  Alas, this song came in yesterday and we’re in love with it.  Such a gorgeous, subtle ballad.  Lauren sounds vulnerable at all times, both in terms of her emotional output and her high falsetto.  The first time you listen to it, you’ll probably be thinking “wow, that’s some falsetto… I hope her voice doesn’t crack.”  But, rest assured, it does not crack.  Not for a second.  More importantly, she has one of the most beautiful voices we’ve heard in a long time.  A very precious, emotionally honest song with a great big heart.

And, guess what?  She’ll be giving away her new EP — The Love Tomorrow — for FREE on her website starting on Monday the 14th!  So, bookmark http://laurencrown.com/ now so you don’t forget to grab your copy!


Youtube info:

Published on Apr 10, 2014

‘Give Me Love’ is the lead single from Lauren Crown’s ‘The Love Tomorrow EP’ – download FREE from www.laurencrown.com






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