#songoftheday / REVIEW: Klangkarussell: “(Netzwerk) Falls Like Rain”

“You only see the stars when they fall like rain,” goes “(Netzwerk) Falls Like Rain” by Austrian dance act  Klangkarussell.   It’s a hypnotic number with punchy beats that throb away beautifully while glimmering synth radiates, giving off a penetrating warmth.  It’s the sort of irresistible song that you hear once and then you’re compelled  to listen to it a few more times in a row because it sucks you right in and demands it.  And the video, well, don’t watch it if you’re afraid of heights because it features daredevil stuntman Mustang Wanted walking on top of various things on top of buildings — skyscrapers — and signs all sorts of things… Things so high up that if he fell he would have certainly died.  It’s like watching someone walk across balance beams for four minutes…  Very thin balance beams that most people couldn’t walk across for ten seconds.  Oh, and he does this BAREFOOT.  For four minutes.  Suffice to say you’ve got a hypnotic song and an entirely mesmerizing video, so it’s a winner all around.

Klangkarussell, otherwise known as Adrian Held and Tobias Rieser, will release their debut album on 28th July 2014 through Island Dance.

Pre-Order the single:  http://po.st/2kBNdj

Pre-Order the album:  http://po.st/NetzwerkD2C





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