Kita Alexander is a rising 19 year old pop artist hailing from the Australian outback where she started playing guitar to kill time while working on her mother’s fruit stand; her family had their own avocado farm.  She made her debut earlier this year with “My Own Way,” a killer track she wrote with Nicky Night Time from Van She.  As you can see below, the video has been played beaucoup times, which certainly helped build up the anticipation for her second single, “Plain Sight,” which just dropped yesterday and is our #songoftheday today because it’s brilliant. Seriously, Kita’s songs are as perfect as mainstream pop songs get, hence all the support she’s receiving from Beats 1, Radio 1 and Triple J.  They’re very accessible songs that only take one listen to sweep you off your feet, being quite catchy, but they aren’t like bubblegum pop that quickly loses its flavor.  There’s nothing cheesy about them at all.  These are songs you can embrace and live with without ever getting sick of them.  Or at least they would be for many listeners.

While Kita’s songs are exquisitely-produced, her voice is what really makes them special.  She has a soulful vibe going for her and could easily have gone the Joss Stone route.  (We’re glad she didn’t though; pop needs her!)  There’s also a smoky quality to her voice, which gives it a certain depth and texture; she does not sound like your average 19 year old pop singer, that’s for sure.

I’ve honestly listened to them both “My Own Way” and “Plain Sight” at least 10 times today and I am enjoying them more and more with each listen.  Check them out!  And remember where you heard about her first.

‘Plain Sight’ is taken from the EP ‘Like You Want To’ out on November 27th –smarturl.it/LikeYouWantTo









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