#songoftheday / REVIEW: KAIROS: “DIRT AND GRIT”

A few weeks ago Kairos’ gorgeous cover of Kanye West’s “Street Lights” earned #songoftheday status here on Love is Pop and now she’s gone and earned it again, this time with an irresistible original song called “Dirt And Grit.”  Produced by Charlie Smith, it packs some massive, insane beats that are sure to delight your inner pop junkie.  Meanwhile, it’s got plenty of razor-sharp rock guitars to please those who like their music on the heavier side of things.  Tying it all together splendidly are Kairos’ beautiful and spirited vocals.  Suffice to say we can’t wait to hear her self-titled EP, which drops May 20th on Fin Records.

Kairos take 2



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