The ladies of the bold British girl group IV Rox will be releasing their top notch debut EP, Imperfections, on February 2nd.  In the meantime, we’re thrilled to hear their stellar new single, “Badder Than A Mother” featuring BBC Sound of 2015 nominee Stormzy, who delivers some killer, rapid-fire rap here.  To that end, he is so fantastic that he almost steals the song.  But, fortunately for the girls, he doesn’t quite do that, their fierce, smooth and sexy vocals managing to keep their proverbial thunder from being stolen.  Which just goes to show you how awesome they are, since Stormzy is such a superb rapper that he usually owns anything he hops on.

Produced by Davinche, “Badder Than A Mother” sports heavy, propulsive beats that deliver a serious shock to the system, guaranteed to push your subwoofers to their limit.  We wouldn’t even be surprised if they blew someone’s subwoofers.  They’re that intense.  No exaggeration.  But, trust us, this song is worth the risk.  As for what genre it is, we don’t know what to tell you.  If you listened to an instrumental, you’d most likely call it hip-hop, and these beats would be easy to to craft such a song around.  But the girls’ delicious vocals fall somewhere between R&B and pop, making this a song that blurs the lines in a most enjoyable way.  In short, call it what you want, but definitely give it a listen.  It’s the best song you’ll hear today.

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