#songoftheday / REVIEW: First Aid Kit – “Walk Unafraid”

We had no idea that a new First Aid Kit song was on the way until Spotify sent us an e-mail that they’d posted this song, “Walk Unafraid,” from the soundtrack to a movie called Wolf.  Although we know little about the movie, we can certainly tell you that this is First Aid Kit at their very best.  In fact, it’s probably one of their top 5 songs ever.  (Our intern, Gas Monkey, says it’s his favorite.)  Although it features all of First Aid Kit’s trademarks, there’s a lot more on hand as well with powerful strings and considerably louder drums than they normally use, giving them a new edge that suits them nicely.  But, of course, it’s their spot on lyrics and haunting vocals that really makes the song the moody masterpiece that it is.  These other things just help take things to another level.

Listen to “Walk Unafraid” on Spotify: First Aid Kit – Walk Unafraid

Also, check out their new, exclusive Spotify session: First Aid Kit – Spotify Sessions






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