Craymer is a relatively new synthy electro-pop band based in Seattle. “Underneath You” is the first single from their forthcoming EP, The Disordered Loves, which was produced by Brian Fennell of the band Barcelona. What we love about it is the way it interestingly veers off in different directions throughout the song, adding and subtracting the various instruments, loops, etc. “Take a listen to a brand new song / Are you feeling what I’m feeling,” sings frontman Jordan Lake, his smooth voice splitting the difference between The Weeknd and James Blake. The song would seem to be about meeting someone new and immediately falling for them. During the video Blake kind of follows around “the girl in white,” as she’s called in the opening credits. We suppose you could say that’s a bit creepy but with the song being gentle and dreamy it doesn’t feel that way at all. It just plays like the pursuit of love. Plus, they wind up together in the end and immediately seem to hit it off, which kind of made our hearts flutter. Listen to this song and it just might make your heart flutter, too.




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