#songoftheday / REVIEW: Clément Bcx – “Miracle In The Middle Of My Heart”

I’m a Christmas music junkie.  Anyone who reads this site regularly knows that.  And I am not merely a fan of old Christmas songs we’ve heard a million times.  I love brand new, original Christmas music.  And this includes Christmas songs that aren’t entirely Christmas songs.  Songs that might have something to do with Christmas, like snow falling, for example, but don’t actually mention Christmas or the holidays.  Those songs wind up on my holiday playlists, too.  (Below is a link to one you can listen to on Spotify.)  I just came across Clément Bcx’s “Miracle In The Middle Of My Heart” this morning while searching through new Youtube posts to find a song of the day and I must say I’m glad that I did.  ‘Tis a song about a fellow asking his love to save him, telling her that she’s the miracle in the middle of his heart.  I don’t think it’s necessarily intended to be a Christmas song, but it has the word miracle in the title and Christmas is all about miracles, whether you believe in the birth of Jesus or Santa Claus sneaking down your chimney or anything else.  So, I’m kind of looking at it as an unofficial Christmas song in that respect.  But if you despise Christmas music, there’s still a good chance that you’ll like.  It’s a fantastic song that skirts between sounding like mellow singer/songwriter music and throbbing club beats and in the end there’s a gospel style chorus that enters the picture and elevates it into something truly unique.

Now, here’s a link to my Christmix playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/12133221248/playlist/3M0xLzqX9vxB8DXaJUhRfV It features mostly new songs released this year.  Some of the artists included are Kylie Minogue, Macy Gray, The Darkness, Phoenix, Kenny Rogers, Harriet, Lena, Marc Broussard, and The Brian Setzer Orchestra.  And, yes, I dare say it’s a good mix of the classics and the brand new Christmas music I mentioned above.  It also has a few songs that aren’t directly about Christmas but relate to winter and such, making them fit for this playlist in my mind.  Let me know what you think!  And please share it!

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Published on Dec 16, 2015

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