#songoftheday / REVIEW: 4TE: “MORE”

4TE — pronounced Forte/for-tay — is a new Japanese pop group based out of the U.S.  and if there’s any justice in this world they’ll get a major label deal for Japan and become the J-Pop megastars they deserve to be.  Because, let me tell you, their debut single, “MORE,” is one of the very best J-Pop tunes I’ve heard during recent years.  They’re big fans of two of my favorite J-Pop acts, capsule and Perfume, and they proudly wear those influences on their collective sleeve during the synthy, bass-heavy song that’s primed for dance clubs but infectious enough for pop radio.  If I’d heard this song without knowing who’d produced it, I would have guessed it was capsule’s own Yasutaka Nakata, as it has his flair for layering lush electronic sounds over gigantic beats and uber-catchy hooks, giving you something that is immediately irresistible that also reveals itself in different ways the more you listen to it and notice all the details.  Bravo.

I will have more coverage of 4TE on OtakuDX in the near future, including an exclusive interview.

Youtube info:

▶ 4TE - 「M O R E」Official MV - YouTube

"M O R E" from 4TE's Debut Double A-Side single "M O R E/Ippo Zutsu".

Full album will be available to purchase at: http://4teofficial.bandcamp.com/ on January 8th 2015 iTunes currently in the works. 4TEのデビュー両A面シングル「M O R E/一歩ずつ」から「M O R E」のミュージックビデオです。 フルアルバムはhttp://4teofficial.bandcamp.com/より2015年1月8日から販売予定。 iTunesでの販売も現在申請中です。 Melody/作曲: Christi Arredondo, Jennifer Diaz Lyrics/作詞: Berry Risa, Christi Arredondo Music/編曲: Richard Garza, Felipe Vilches, Christi Arredondo Vocals/ボーカル: Chii, Jenny, Mei, Micchi Choreography/振り付け : Micchi, Jalyna "Jeena" Wojnowski Video Editor/映像編集: Jeena Graphic Design/グラフィックデザイン: Ceeney ♢http://www.4teofficial.com♢ ♢TWITTER♢ https://twitter.com/4tejp -Japanese https://twitter.com/4teeng -English ♢FACEBOOK♢ https://www.facebook.com/4TEofficial



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