The title track from K-Pop girl group Red Velvet’s Russian Roulette is about as catchy as K-Pop gets… which is, as we say in Massachusetts, wicked catchy!  It has a lovely melody, lively beats, an infectious chorus and adorable voices — what more could you want from your K-Pop?  Nothing!

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Published on Sep 6, 2016

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Red Velvet’s 3rd mini album “Russian Roulette” has been released. The album includes 7 tracks including its title “러시안 룰렛 (Russian Roulette)”. The title track “러시안 룰렛 (Russian Roulette)” is a synth pop song that depicts a girl trying to win a boy’s heart and describe this situation as Russian Roulette game. Enjoy the music video of their title “러시안 룰렛 (Russian Roulette)” and give lots of love and supports to them!

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