#songoftheday = PURO INSTINCT: “TELL ME”


“All this conversation on the floor is a bore
I know I was meant for something more than small talk 
‘cause the night-time’s for lovers 
and sharing secrets under covers 
and there’s no other that I would rather know”

Puro Instinct’s 2011 debut Headbangers in Ecstasy was a dream pop record that washed over you like 65 degree sea water on a 95 degree day; refreshing, to say the least.  In fact, I’ve heard countless dream pop records since and Headbangers is still my favorite.  It just takes me away to some other, less stressed place every time I listen to it.  To that end, it would probably make great meditation music.  This cannot be said of the music on their new album Autodrama.  Their sound is still dreamy but with a punchier, danceable sound, as evidenced here with their breath-taking single “Tell Me.”  It stirs you like a martini.  This time they strike me as a cross between Blondie and School of Seven Bells.  Definitely a wonderful thing.  Add this one to your latest playlist stat.







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