#songoftheday = Project Skyward: “Holographic Universe”

Project Skyward is the musical name Los Angeles resident Ryan Field goes by.  He’s a holistic science/astronomy graduate, which say a lot about his songwriting perspective, which is both unique and a blend of several genres, including ambient, electronic, shoegaze, and new age and I dare say nobody combines these different musical styles as well as he does.  “Holographic Universe” is a perfect example of that, a blissed out track that’s perfect for everything from dancing to meditation.  From the airy, space-y keyboards to the melodious guitars and trippy vocals, this song has something to offer everyone.  Its ambiance is what I’m most enjoying today though.  What do you like about it?

Oh, and the remixes are great, too!  Check out a couple of them below:


solstice eclipse cover

Youtube info:

Published on Mar 8, 2016

From Project Skyward
Holographic Universe by Project Skyward
Directed by Ashley Avis


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