#songoftheday = POP ETC: “WHAT AM I BECOMING”

POP ETC recently released a very addictive album called Souvenir.  Every song on it is irresistible, each one a shiny, golden pop nugget.  Or, the audio equivalent of your favorite ice cream.  Your favorite ice cream with your favorite toppings.  There are so many layers to their sound, which incorporates electronic and rock elements, resulting in a sound that somehow manages to be unique yet instantly familiar.  Think of them as a hybrid of Duran Duran and OK GO.  Or the new Neon Trees.  Their new single, “What Am I Becoming,” is just one example of what they’re capable of.  If you like this song, imagine a whole album of songs this good.  This video isn’t bad either.

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New album ‘Souvenir’ available 1/27 (Japan) and 1/29 (Worldwide)
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/isouvenir
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/asouvenir
Streaming: http://smarturl.it/sbecoming
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/spbecoming

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Snapchat: popetcetera

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