#songoftheday = MUTANT BiRD – “Sugar Voodoo” (ft. Rosalee O’Connell)

This one has me floored.  Maybe it’s partially because I woke up today with a flu or something and can’t stop coughing, so I’m really dizzy and anything I’ve tried listening to has made me feel like I’m going to fall on the floor.  But I am quite sure I’d be blown away by this gem of a song regardless!  From its early Leonard Cohen melodies to the Tom Waits-ish vocals of Johnny Rock (a.k.a Buddy A), this one ranks right up there with the greats.   I mean, it’s not everyday that someone comes along who evokes the amazing Tom Waits.  So, you damn well better take notice when somebody does.  Watch the video above a few times and tell me it’s not brilliant.

unnamed (1)

Rock is a seriously under-rated  American multi-instrumentalist/Producer based in London. After nearly a decade of fronting an eccentric Punk Rock group (P.L.m.B) and a couple years writing, performing and producing for a Trip-Hop artist, he decided to combine all the past sounds and go solo under the moniker MUTANT BiRD. The new music is an odd blend of Hip-Hop, Trip-Rock, Blues, World and Psychedelia.

The debut release, ‘Sugar Voodoo’, is a 5 track EP that mixes mostly organic instrumentation with samples to create a dark and unique atmosphere with an urban/western twist.

J.R. is currently in the studio working on his sophomore effort ‘Hapax Legomenon’. This release will feature a slightly more electronic feel but retain the highly eclectic/genre bending nature of MUTANT BiRD.







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