#songoftheday = MIMOZA H: “WELL OF MELODIES”

It’s always fulfilling when an artist you thought was brilliant turns around and releases something new a year or two later and they’re still just as impressive.  In other words, there’s nothing worse than saying someone is as refreshing as a cool, sudden rainfall on a 100-degree day only for them to put out their next single and have it be utter crap.

Well, last year Mimoza H released a wonderful EP called Uproot and it could not have caught my attention more if someone reached down from the heavens and pulled me up from my own roots. Needless to say, I loved it.  Talk about gorgeous, electronic music that doesn’t fit into a mold.  So, when news of her new single arrived in my e-mail a few days ago I hesitated to listen to it.  Of course, I wanted to listen to it.  I was dying to listen to it.  I was just afraid that I’d be disappointed. Surely, I’d set my expectations so high there was no way I couldn’t be disappointed, right?

I waited until the next day before I played it and I was initially perplexed.  For about a minute.  Its persistent, droning bass and slam dunk beats wound up sucking me in and hypnotizing me. By the time it was over, I felt like I’d just completed a strange meditation.  My jaw was dropped, but in a good way.  It had definitely taken me out of my office and brought me somewhere else. Thanks to the equally hypnotic video, it was somewhere psychedelic and beautiful.  It warped up my senses, almost making it so that I could smell its colors, like I could lick my monitor and taste their fruity flavors.  OK, so maybe that’s calling it a bit too magical but if you like offbeat, electronic music like Aphex Twin or Merzbow then get ready for a powerful shot of an audible drug that will take you on a delightful trip.  Just be warned that you won’t return from it the second the song is over.  More likely, you’ll spend the next ten minutes in a daze, trying to decide if you want to listen to it again or save it for when you’re relaxing later.  That said, if you play it loud it could just as easily make you hyper-alert.  You’ll have some reaction, that much I can promise.

The “Well of Melodies” single cover art.




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