#songoftheday = METALLICA: “ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS (LIVE)” (#songsforourtimes #20) + A-HA: “LIVING AT THE END OF THE WORLD (#songsforourtimes #21)

Yeah, yeah, I know, this isn’t exactly a hopeful song and it isn’t about the end of the world either. But I do feel like “Only Happy When It Rains,” a Garbage song which Metallica covered at the Bridge School Benefit on 10/27/07, has the vibe many of us are feeling right now. That air of melancholy that’s lurking over our heads. Should we fight it? Abso-fucking-lutely. However, I think we could all use a time out from the cheerful songs for a minute or six. Because there’s something to be said for songs you can relate to and nobody is optimistic at all times. Well, maybe some people are, but I think most of us also need to let our guard down and just feel those negative feelings that are lurking around inside us so that we can purge them from our systems and go back to feeling cheerful again later.

All that said, if you’re looking for something more shiny and timely, I present “Living At The End Of The World” by A-Ha, a band that I feel only gets better with time. Is it a happy song? I’d say so. Check out the chorus:

“And we’re living at the end of the world
Forget about all that you’ve heard
Living our dreams on the highway
It’s just another day
No matter what they say or you’ve heard
We’re living on top of the world
We’re living our dreams on the highway
No matter what they say
It’s just another day “

So, hey, maybe it’s the end of the world, but it’s as good a time as any to chase your dreams. If nothing else, listening to this song fills me with general feelings of optimism, so if “Only Happy When It Rains” rubs you the wrong way, hopefully, you’ll find this one to be a rainbow at the end of the dark-ish tunnel.

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Read the complete “Only Happy When It Rains” lyrics on Genius.


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