#songoftheday = MAXIMO PARK: “RISK TO EXIST”

“I cannot breathe,” sings Maximo Park’s frontman Paul Smith on their just released new single “Risk to Exist,” but the song is actually a breath of fresh air.  I haven’t been doing many song of the day posts lately, less they take the focus off of our interviews, but after I listened to this one the first time I knew I had to post it. It has everything I’ve ever loved about this UK indie rock/punk band and more.  It immediately grabs you with its infectious guitar riff, courtesy of Duncan Lloyd and Tom English’s marching drum style beats and that’s before Smith even sings a word.  Then he starts with the vocals and injects the song with even more kinetic energy.  It’s enough to have you bouncing in your seat.  By the time it hits the chorus, your jaw will have dropped already.  Damn if it’s not the catchiest tune I’ve heard this week.  I also have to mention keyboardist Lukas Wooller, who sews everything together splendidly.  His playing on the chorus is especially potent.  Give it a whirl and start the weekend early.

“Risk to Exist” is the title track from the band’s new album, which is due out April 21st via Daylight/Cooking Vinyl.  The album was co-produced by the band and Tom Schick (Wilco, Beck, White Denim).



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