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Matt and Kim’s latest offering from their forthcoming album New Glow — release date: April 7th — is “Can You Blame Me,” an ultra-catchy song that will have you bouncing up and down in your seat.  With propulsive beats, lively keyboards, vibrant synth, flute (or some other wood instrument) and Matt and Kim’s infectious voices, pop doesn’t get much better than this.   It’s like a cross between Mika and Owl City.  If I didn’t know any better, I would think that Mika actually wrote it, it’s so much like his irresistible hits.  And I’m a huge fan of Mika, so this is a big compliment, coming from me.  Anyway, Matt and Kim have had plenty of killer singles in the past and it’s a shame that none of them ever landed them in the big leagues.  I mean, they’re popular, but they ought to be a household name.  “Can You Blame Me” is easily as amazing as any of Katy Perry’s hits.  So, here’s hoping this one finds itself in the top 40.

There are two different videos for the song that you’re supposed to play at the same time; directions are below.  At the time of this posting, 10:22 AM on the 17th, both videos seem to have Matt’s vocals, so see if they’ve fixed that above before heading over to Vevo to synch them.


Published on Mar 17, 2015

Matt and Kim “Can You Blame Me” is off of the upcoming album “New Glow” – out April 7th!
Buy Single on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MKblame
Pre-order Album on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MKnewglow

You will find the link to the video of MATT’s face here:

The link to KIM’s face here:

These links need to be opened in Vevo in you tablet’s browser (Safari, Chome) not in YouTube or the Vevo app. That’s the only way you can go full screen while holding the tablet vertically!

You can also purchase the face videos on iTunes if you wanna get away from WIFI: http://smarturl.it/MK_iTunes

1. Adjust the brightness of your tablet to make sure it’s not too bright or dim when it is being shot with a camera. (you might need it dimmer than you think!)
2. Wear a black shirt.
3. Holding the tablet with one hand while moving the other arm around makes it look cooler!
4. Generally, with an iPad putting your nose against the Apple logo on the back makes for good height placement.
5. When playing the Matt video and the Kim video at the same time:
• A. Let any ads play then slide the progress bar back to zero on both tablets.
• B. Count to three and press play at the same time, my voice should sound in sync, if not repeat the same steps until it is!

Directed, shot, and edited by MATT and KIM.

Music video by Matt and Kim performing Can You Blame Me. (C) 2015 Matt & Kim, Inc. Under Exclusive License To Harvest Records






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