#songoftheday = MANDY MOORE: “I’D RATHER LOSE” (#songsforourtimes #5)

“If the only way to win / Is by breaking all the rules / I’d rather lose,” sings This is Us star Mandy Moore on “I’d Rather Lose,” the first track from her gorgeous new album, Silver Landings. I’ve chosen it to be today’s song of the day because it’s an attitude that I feel we should all try to embrace during this time of crisis. After all, now is the time to be compassionate to one another and do what’s asked of us. Not to push and shove your neighbors over that last package of toilet paper or ramen at the supermarket, as tempting as that might be. The whole “every man and woman for themselves” approach to things might be tempting at times, but if we allow this virus to strip us of our humanity then what do we have left? Nothing, that’s what. At that point, we just become a bunch of savages and that leads to looting and rioting and people breaking into your house to murder you so they can steal your food. Obviously, nobody wants it to come to that. So, let’s all be kind to one another and follow the rules, please.

And if you’re looking for something nice and mellow to listen to right now, Silver Landings is the perfect album for that. Songs like “Forgiveness” and the title track will surely warm your heart. The whole record feels like a big, warm hug, really.

NOTE: Each day, we’re going to post a song of the day that’s relevant to what’s going in the world. Songs meant to either inspire or at least provide companionship or food for thought. The emphasis will, of course, be on the positive.


3 responses to “#songoftheday = MANDY MOORE: “I’D RATHER LOSE” (#songsforourtimes #5)”

  1. Guiziimo Avatar

    I wish my local market had that on repeat when I was there the other day. It was madnesssssss.

  2. Veronica Avatar

    I feel the same and I’m praying the rest of the world continues to do so too.

  3. Mark-cuss Avatar

    That’s easy to say right now whilst the world is calm but if shit gets real you might have to break a few rules to get what need be for your family. just sayin’.

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