We’re going to tell you a secret: we love classic rock.  Not just legends like The Doors and Led Zeppelin — we’re talking about bands like REO Speedwagon, Foreigner, 38 Special and so forth.  Sometimes one just wants to chill with some mellow music and, obviously, the three bands we’ve just named definitely fall under the soft rock header.  But, the thing is, we love new music.  It’s what we live for.  So, when a new band comes along that does the classic rock sound exquisitely, well, we can’t help but take notice.  Which brings us to The Rocketboys, an insanely talented band who started off in a dorm room in Abilene, Texas.  Their 2012 album Build Anyway was superb in every way possible and now they’re gearing up to release a new EP called Left|Right in January next year.  It was produced by Joe Chiccarelli, who’s known most for his work with The Killers and Manchester Orchestra, and will be released by Black Magnetic Records.  “Walk Away” is the first track to be unveiled from this EP and we’re in love with it.  It’s like a cross between the Foo Fighters and the best classic rock bands with its warm, melodious guitar work, inviting bass guitar wizardry, just heavy enough drumming and smooth as chocolate mousse vocals.  Another band they remind us of is Ghost A.D., who also deliver vintage rock tunes that go down easily (in spite of their scary face paint and Satanic lyrics).  But listen to “Walk Away” and decide who they remind you of for yourself.  Or maybe just enjoy the tune and don’t think about who their peers and influences might be.  Either way, you’re sure to enjoy the heck out of this one.

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Published on Nov 18, 2014

The Rocketboys "Walk Away" Left | Right EP Black Magnetic Recordings



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