#songoftheday / LYRIC VIDEO: Cassie Steele – “Dreams”

“Even if I’m hurting, I keep moving on,” sings actress/singer/songwriter Cassie Steele on “Dreams,” the new single from her recently released EP entitled Patterns.  The entire EP is an electro-pop masterpiece and “Dreams” is a shining example of that.  Except that it’s not so sunshiny, veering more on the melancholic side of the emotional spectrum.  But that’s just fine with us.  Besides, the sound might be downtrodden, but the lyrics — particularly the chorus — are inspiring.  When the song begins, Cassie’s vocals ride punchy rap-style beats in a way reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die or Lorde’s Pure Heroine.  Once it hits the chorus, all sorts of electro-pop sounds kick in along with some trap-style clicking and blaring horns that sound like they’re sampled from a sci-fi movie score.  It all adds up to one contagious song and one of the very best electro-pop singles of 2014.


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▶ Cassie Steele - Dreams (Lyric Video) - YouTube



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