#songoftheday = LUKE FAAS: “WHY BOTHER”

“Why Bother” is the second single from Luke Faas, a 23-year-old Norwegian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.   It follows his debut single, “Should’ve Seen It.”  At first, the lyrics of the punchy, seductive, electro-soul “Why Bother” might sound apathetic, like a depressed person not wanting to bother doing anything.  (It shouldn’t surprise you that his forthcoming EP is called Apathy.)  But it’s actually about cutting toxic “friends” out of your life.  The sort of people who just use you and never give anything back.  He’s saying, why bother keeping these people in your lives?  They only bring you down.  He could just as easily have made it “Don’t Bother.”  I like that it’s “Why Bother,” though, as it leaves it open to the listener’s own interpretation.  In any case, if you like music that’s not all happy-go-lucky then you should appreciate the somewhat downtrodden vibe of this one.  Would be perfect for a chill-out mix.

Luke Faas’ debut EP, Apathy, drops June 16 via Easy Records.






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