#songoftheday = LUI HILL: “5000 MILES”

Lui Hill was discovered by Tobias Herder, who has signed him to the Filter Music Group with four singles and an album due out over the course of the next year.  Previously, Herder discovered the amazing Milky Chance and Hill is no less talented.  “5000 Miles,” Hill’s flavorful new single, is a scorching hot blend of post-dubstep, pop, R&B and IDM and it’s as hypnotic as a song can get.  You have to love the way the dubstep-inspired bass flutters away, seducing the listener more and more each time it gives your subwoofer a run for its money.  A self-produced vocalist and drummer, Hill clearly enjoys inhabiting a musical world where genre distinctions don’t exist and music is just music.  Go with him on his journey there and be prepared for his music to take you anywhere.

Youtube info:

Subscribe to LUI’s Channel ►► http://ytb.li/LUIHILL
Listen or buy “5000 Miles” ►► http://luihill.fty.li/5000Miles
Follow LUI ►► http://luihill.fty.li/social

Apple Music: http://bit.ly/applemusic5000Miles
Spotify: http://bit.ly/Spotify5000Miles

iTunes: http://bit.ly/iTunes5000Miles
Google Play: http://bit.ly/GooglePlay5000Miles

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luihillmusic
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Official Website: http://luihill.com/

// FILTER MUSIC GROUP presents 5000 MILES by LUI HILL //

Director: Christoph Varga
DOP: Vova Ivanov
Producer: SEIITH
Executive Producer: Jessica LaFave

Starring: Leslie Lionheart, Gabriel da Rosa & Lui Hill.



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