#songoftheday / #amlistening = LOUIS TORRE: “LOVE IS BLIND” (#nowlistening #nowplaying)

Sweet, subtle and sultry are the words that immediately spring to mind when I listen to Louis Torre’s new song “Love is Blind,” which was just released on the date of this posting, 3/14/18.  To my ears, the track is nothing shy of a roasted to perfection blend of pop and R&B with notes of soul and trap.  It’s also a masterclass in intricate, richly layered production.  But it’s Torre’s ultra-smooth voice that makes it a winner.  That and its premium lyrics, which evoke beautiful, crystalline scenes to titillate your imagination.  It’s alive and authentic. Not to mention a must-hear.

Torre is best known for his covers and has released three albums worth so far, all of which you can listen to on Spotify.  He never fails to put his own spin on the tracks, all of which turn out sounding captivating and passionate.  They also make it obvious that he’s a big music junkie with excellent tastes.

During 2018, Louis racked up over 500K streams on SoundCloud, 10K on Spotify, 200K on YouTube, and 5.7K followers on Instagram.  Go check him out on your favorite sites.  But not before you finish indulging in “Love is Blind” here.



2 responses to “#songoftheday / #amlistening = LOUIS TORRE: “LOVE IS BLIND” (#nowlistening #nowplaying)”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    This guy is one smooth operator.

  2. VirginVinyl Avatar

    Thanks for introducing me to this one. I’m very impressed. Reminds me of Miguel.

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