#songoftheday = Lords of Black – “Merciless”

Lords of Black is the spectacular band formed by guitarist Tony Hernando and drummer Andy C. following the break up of their previous band, Saratoga, who delivered some of the best Spanish-language heavy metal ever.  In fact, it was some of the best heavy metal in any language ever.  Go listen to them on Spotify if you don’t believe me (see player below).  In any case, Lords of Black is completed by Ronnie Romero, who is also currently fronting Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.   And you know Ritchie Blackmore only works with the very best.  On a related note, Ronnie Romero’s voice has a striking resemblance to that of Ronnie James Dio, the late singer who fronted Rainbow for years before he embarked on his solo career.  While some of Lords of Black’s songs are in the prog vein, “Merciless” is straightforward metal, or you might call it power metal.  Whatever you call it, there’s no denying what a strong, ass-kicking song it is.  Oh, and if it reminds you of Helloween at all that’s probably because former Helloween member Roland Grapow co-produced, mixed and mastered it, along with the rest of Lords of Black’s forthcoming album, II.  (He produced their first album as well.)



Pre-orders of II are available now at http://radi.al/LordsofBlackAmazon and http://radi.al/LordsofBlackiTunes.
For More Info Visit:
Behold the Lords of Black.
Behold the Lords of Black.






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