#songoftheday = LENKA: “THE END OF THE WORLD”(#songsforourtimes #2)

Today’s song of the day is Lenka’s “The End Of The World,” which hails from her exquisite sophomore album, Two.

Lenka has long been one of my favorite pop singer/songwriters and “The End Of The World” is one of my favorite singles of hers. It might sound like a downtrodden track, given the title, but it’s actually a rather happy song.

“At the end of the world I will be there with you / And we’ll throw a party to celebrate / The things we used to do,” she sings joyfully. Of course, I realize the vast majority of us aren’t throwing any end of the world parties, especially with all of the necessary social distancing going on, but the song is a call to be with the ones you love in a time a crisis and drives home the point that being with them is the most important thing. It’s obviously more optimistic than most of us are feeling right now, but it’s timely and it can’t hurt to embrace a joyful tune at the moment, hence my making it our second #songofourtimes selection.

Read the complete lyrics on Genius.

NOTE: Each day, I am going to post a song of the day each day that’s relevant to what’s going in the world. Songs meant to either inspire or at least provide companionship or food for thought. The emphasis will, of course, be on the positive.

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    What a prettiful song.

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