#songoftheday = Laure Shang: “The One That Ran Away”

So, this is what happens when Laure Shang goes punk rock?  She comes out with an edgy, guitar-driven track that erupts with four on the floor energy as soon as you hit play.  It’s called “The One That Ran Away” and it finds Laure in a bit of a spiteful mood, wondering what the hell she was ever doing with the one who’s doing the running.  Well, good riddance to them, we say.  They weren’t good enough for her anyway.  How could they be?  Laure is a Goddess who sits atop a throne, making society see itself for the often ugly thing that it is with her brutally honest, often downtrodden music.  There was a time when Laure was like a female version of Marilyn Manson with her controversial lyrics and spoken word tracks.  Perhaps that dark and mysterious version of Laure has returned.  If “The One That Ran Away” is any indication, she certainly has.  Bravo, we say.



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