#songoftheday = Laure Shang – “I Love You”

If you like twisted, noir electro-pop then you’re going to be drooling all over yourself listening to Laure Shang’s richly-layered new single, which is surely the bleakest-sounding song called “I Love You” ever written.  It’s also my favorite song to be released so far from her next album.  (They just keep getting better and better, don’t they?)

I’ve probably said this before, but what I love about Laure’s music is how she takes influences that would seem to range from Kylie Minogue to Lady Gaga to Marilyn Manson and combines them into something that’s easily on par with any of those artists.  Her fusion of pop hooks and foreboding lyrics is unparalleled.  She delves far deeper into her dark side than most artists would even peak, never mind allow to come through in their songs.  Laying her heart and soul on the line like that is something that Laure has done throughout her career, which spans over a half-dozen albums now.

Laure is a Chinese artist, but she also sings in English and French; “I Love You” is in English so you have no excuse not to check it out.  Unless brutal honesty scares you.



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