Self-described as a “salad rock” band, King Shelter are a grunge-tinged, semi-psychedelic, alternative rock band that have been getting a lot of attention lately, largely thanks to this new single, “Everything Hurts.”  It’s a delicious tune that could have appeared on Stone Temple Pilots’ Purple or Tiny Music.  Or, perhaps, even Nirvana’s Nevermind.  Suffice to say it’s a great tune and it’s not lacking in the melody department, seeping its way under  your skin like a shot of Ativan, making everything feel OK while you’re listening to it.  Maybe things could always get worse, but it will give you a contentedness that’s hard to beat with its chill, groovy vibe that’s hard to beat.  So, sit back and let it mellow you out already.

Here is what Taylor Hecocks of King Shelter had to say about the song:

“‘Everything Hurts’ is my grandfather’s story. Life is hard. The American dream isn’t really a dream; it’s a vortex of preoccupations. But after all is said and done, the corner store is still gonna be selling those sweet cowboy killers n vodka. For the Krispis giveth and the Krispis taketh away.” – Taylor Hecocks, King Shelter







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