Monarchy’s lovely cover of Beck’s “Lost Cause” will be on their Re|Vision EP, which will be nine cover versions and a remix. It will be released on the 15th of June. “Lost Cause” was commissioned by Julian Ballestros, a fan who supported the duo through the “choose a cover” option when they were doing their Pledge campaign.  The duo ended up being so pleased with the idea — and how their version came out — that they decided to include it on the EP.

Personally, I am in love with this one.  I was already a big fan of Beck’s original, “Lost Cause” being one of my favorites of his songs.  And this version is just as splendid, truly.  It’s definitely different though.  Beck’s version sounds entirely melancholic and  downtempo.  Monarchy’s version kicks the tempo up considerably, adding rapid fire dance beats.  Of course, they didn’t turn it into some sort of anthem for shiny happy people — it’s still melancholic, but in a different way.  In the original, Beck sounds like he’s truly proclaiming and believing that he’s a lost cause.  With Monarchy’s version, you get the feeling that they’re saying but maybe not quite believing it, that they still have hope that they’re not a lost cause.  Suffice to say it’s a very different spin on the track and I like it almost as much as the original, which is high praise considering that “Lost Cause” was my favorite song of the year in 2003.




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