“Misery Company” is from Kaiser Chiefs’ new album Education, Education, Education & War, which is due out on March 31st in Europe and April 1st in North America. We love its infectious guitar riffs and uppity marching beat. The manic laughing is pretty cool, too. Seriously though, who puts laughing in a song? Especially this much laughing? It’s kind of crazy, but it’s damn catchy, too. Actually reminds us of The Beatles circa Magical Mystery Tour. Bravo, gents!

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Pre‑order “Education, Education, Education & War” on iTunes now and get “Bows & Arrows” instantly here: http://po.st/EEEWiYT Pre-Order the CD on Amazon here: http://po.st/EEEWAmzCDYT and deluxe vinyl http://po.st/EEEWAmzLPYT

The new album “Education, Education, Education & War”, out on March 31st UK/Europe, April 1st North America, featuring “Bows & Arrows”. Pre-order the CD here: http://po.st/EEEWws & Vinyl here: http://po.st/EEEWLPws.

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