#songoftheday = Julian Perretta: “Miracle”


Julian Perretta is an English singer/songwriter and guitarist who has amassed quite the following since the release of his 2011 album, Stitch Me Up, which featured the single “Wonder Why,” which charted especially well in France, where he’s currently all the rage thanks to his new single “Miracle.” The song is currently at number 5 on the French singles chart according to Wiki.  Of course, Wiki isn’t always updated right away when it comes to these things so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s reached number one by now. It’s the song everybody is dancing to, talking about and finding inspiration from.   And that’s the thing about “Miracle,” it’s not just a well constructed dance pop tune.  It has deep lyrics that touch your heart.  “You saved me / I saved you / A miracle that was made for two,” he sings with heartache and longing in his voice during the chorus.  Soon, gospel singers are harmonizing “Oh, oh, oh, yeah.”  Granted, that probably doesn’t sound very powerful or motivating, but when you hear them sing it, it definitely touches your soul and elevates your spirits.  Think of him as a soulful version of MIKA or James Blunt with boisterous beats.  Neither of these comparisons really nail it because Julian’s sound is something different and refreshing.  It’s the sort of innovating sound that others will be trying to copy during the next several months.  Hear the original here before that happens.


Youtube info:

Published on Jan 18, 2016

Directed by Pascal Baillien
Starring – Elisa Bachir Bey
Cinematographer – Bert Warson






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