#songoftheday + IGGY POP (WITH JOSH HOMME + CO.): “GARDENIA”

So, it turns out that Iggy Pop’s album with Josh Homme, Dean Fertita, and Matt Helders is simply being released as an Iggy Pop album called Post Pop Depression, though all four are pictured on the album cover, assuming that is what we’re seeing in the player above.  Is this the most immediately infectious song we’ve ever heard from Pop or Homme?  Nah.  But it’s certainly a grower.  It just takes a few spins for you to get fully absorbed in its groove, which almost has something of an R&B vibe.  Once it’s got you, then it’s downright addictive.

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Published on Jan 21, 2016

From the forthcoming album ‘Post Pop Depression” out 18 March.
iTunes: http://found.ee/PPD_iTunes
Vinyl/Bundle Packages and more: http://found.ee/PPD_OnlineStore
Amazon: http://found.ee/PPD_Amazon
GooglePlay: http://found.ee/PPD_GooglePlay
**Includes instant download of “Gardenia”


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