#songoftheday = Goldie vs Ulterior Motive – “I Adore You”

22 years ago Goldie released his game-changing album Timeless, arguably the best drum ‘n’ bass/jungle album ever made.  This year he’ll be making his triumphant return with The Journey Man, a 16 track album that should easily prove to be one of the year’s best albums, especially if the lively lead single “I Adore You” is any indication.  It’s packed with precisely the kind of percussion that made Goldie famous to begin with.  It would be fantastic even if it was an instrumental, but it’s made even better with gorgeous vocals by Natalie Williams.  To that end, it’ll have you singing along in no time.

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Published on Feb 16, 2017

“I Adore You” is the first single from Goldie’s brand new album “The Journey Man”, out June 16th! Pre-order the album and receive ‘I Adore You’ as an instant download https://goldie.lnk.to/TYMYo

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